Megan McCoy

How Financial Therapy Can Aid in Your Financial Planning Practice

Dr. Megan McCoy will provide an overview of this new field of research and practice, and explain how it can benefit you and your clients. She will also describe a specific approach to financial therapy that she created called Narrative Financial Therapy.  Her presentation will conclude with an exploration of a specific Narrative Financial Therapy Intervention, “the Miracle Question,” and explain how to it can be applied in your client interactions.

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Timi Joy Jorgensen, Ph.D. and Michael G. Thomas, Jr., Ph.D., AFC® 

Financial Empathy and Inclusive Financial Wellbeing and Empowerment: Powerful Tools for Meaningful Client Relationships

Race, ethnicity, and gender play a significant role in how consumers interact with their own finances, as well as the financial services industry. This webinar will explore:


  • the universal and divergent areas of financial wellbeing for eight unique identity groups
  • the role of the planner in empowering individuals to improve their financial well-being through financial empathy
  • the surprising ways financial empathy can foster or derail trust in the planner/client relationship.

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