Financial Empathy and Inclusive Financial Wellbeing and Empowerment: Powerful Tools for Meaningful Client Relationships

An MQU Webinar

While the basic principles of financial planning are a great place to start with clients, we know that race, ethnicity, and gender play a significant role in how consumers interact with their own finances as well as the financial services industry. This webinar will explore the universal and divergent areas of financial wellbeing for eight unique identity groups.

This new research will examine financial wellbeing across the dimensions of access to financial services, financial actions, and affect or attitudes about one’s financial situation. Additionally, we will explore the role of the planner in empowering individuals to improve their financial well-being through financial empathy, and the surprising ways financial empathy can foster or derail trust in the planner/client relationship.

Learning Objectives: 
  • Identify divergent and universal trends in financial wellbeing predictors by identity group.
  • Explore the dimensions of financial wellbeing, including what these dimensions tell us about behavior and change management with clients.
  • Determine how financial empathy can expand client/planner trust.

About our Guest Presenters

Timi Joy Jorgensen, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor | Director, Financial Education & Wellbeing

TIMI JOY JORGENSEN is an Assistant Professor and Director of Financial Education and Wellbeing at The American College of Financial Services. She joined the faculty in June 2020 after completing a six-month fellowship with The College.

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Michael G. Thomas, Jr., Ph.D., AFC® 
University of Georgia | Faculty Member | SFPA Advisor

MICHAEL G THOMAS, JR. is a faculty member and SFPA Advisor at the University of Georgia. He co-created Money Dawgs, a financial literacy summer camp for youth, and Discovering Money Solutions, a three-week financial capability program for adults. 

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1.0 CFP CE pending acceptance of CFP Board.

  • $35.00 for MQ Partners
  • $50.00 for Others