Improving Client Relationships and Outcomes through the Inclusive Financial Wellbeing and Empowerment Model

This webinar is an MQ Research & Education sponsored event.

1.5 CFP CE accepted by the CFP Board. 

Please note: You have two options for earning the CE. 
  • We will automatically submit CE information to the CFP Board for those who attend and appear on-screen via webcam for the entire live presentation.
  • Those who register but are unable to attend the entire live presentation will be sent a short quiz with the follow-up email. Once the quiz is successfully completed and passed with a score of 70% or higher, we will submit your CE information to the CFP Board. 

About the Webinar:

Learn how individual identity shapes the way we think, feel, behave, and interact with our financial world. Dive into detailed findings that can unlock structural, behavioral, and cultural barriers your clients face in achieving financial health. Explore tools and techniques to navigate the planner / client relationship and create more meaningful engagement with your clients.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Explore the importance of intersectional identity on structural, behavioral, and emotional financial realities.
  2. Understand the Inclusive Financial Wellbeing & Empowerment Model.
  3. Identify common threats clients face to achieving financial health.
  4. Explore tools and techniques to facilitate deepening client communication and problem-solving around common challenges to financial health and wellbeing.

About Timi Jorgensen, Ph.D.

Timi Joy Jorgensen, Ph.D., is an Assistant Professor and Director of Financial Education & Well-Being at The American College of Financial Services. She joined the faculty in June 2020 after completing a six-month fellowship with The College.

Timi’s research focuses on diversity, equity, and inclusion in financial services and financial well-being and empowerment. She has been a speaker, panelist, and contributor on the topic of creating a more inclusive and empowering financial services profession. She has spoken at conferences, on radio shows, and to several hundred couples and single parents at financial literacy courses. She is passionate about making financial planning a more approachable and empowering topic available to all American households.

Timi graduated with a bachelor’s degree in personal financial planning from Utah Valley University in 2014 and completed her graduate studies in financial planning in Spring 2020 from the University of Georgia.

Registration Fee

This webinar is open to EVERYONE!

  • $35 – MQ Partners
  • $50 – Others